Boss Classics - BMW R7 inspired custom build R90s

How we work:

  • you or Boss Classics deliver a donor BMW R90s
  • together we make the full building program; we can make whatever you want, but;
  • we build it from our philosofy where craftmanship meets art, quality en funtcionality
  • it takes 4 months to build your dreambike
  • every sundaynight we keep you updated with photo's and video's!
  • the full building program, inclusive materials and labour, exclusive the donorbike is from 30.000 euro excl. VAT.

watch the impressive - BMW R7 inspired - building process!

Coming soon! -> Boss Classics - R18 inspired - Bmw r100rs 1978

coming soon! -> Marcus Walz inspired- Bmw r100rs 1981